Our headlight restoration package is backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Restore your headlights for LIFE for just $125.00 at Tucson Auto Tint.


Do my headlights need restoration?

Unlike headlights of the old that never needed complex restoration, the headlights of today are prone to dimness, fogginess, and cloudiness—causing dangerous driving conditions as a result. Since vehicles are no longer equipped with glass headlights, it is vital that your headlights are restored every two or three years.  Foggy or dimmed headlights cover less distance when compared to fully functional headlights. At Tucson Auto Tint, our technicians use the latest headlight restoration techniques to return your headlights to their full and normal brightness.

According to federal and state regulations, your headlights must cover a certain amount of distance at night, usually 300 feet. If your headlights are dimmed and foggy they may not only fail this test,  but they may also be hindering your ability to safely drive in low light. With a proper headlight restoration, your car should not only meet and exceed  such relevant regulations, but your road safety and visibility to other drivers will be improved as well. Above and beyond, a restored headlight enhances your vehicles appearance—as it will be ‘glass clear’ upon restoration.

How can you know when your headlights need restoration?  Simple, if you need your high beams to drive at night, then your headlights have succumbed to oxidation. All plastic headlights lose their brightness after a few years; this process is hastened by natural elements such as the sun, dirt, and sand among others. The restoration process we perform will entail using many different grades of finishing papers so as to restore your headlight’s surface. Once a clear surface is attained, a protective coat is used to reseal it and the job is done~ Your headlights have been restored to their brightness and glory.

With newly restored headlights, you will have a better range of vision, you will avoid unnecessary headlight related accidents. Add to this not having to spend hundreds of dollars on new ones and headlight restoration is a great investment that improves both the safety and appearance of your vehicle.

Restoration is done best when left to the professionals.  Proper headlight restoration  is a process that involves many steps, not to mention, the inner surface of the headlight can be easily damaged if done un-professionally. What we have here is simple logic, a fully functioning headlight will cover a long range, a dimmed, foggy or cloudy headlight will not. Whatever your light problems, you’ll find the solution here. Visit Tucson Auto Tint for cutting-edge headlight restoration. We will make your headlights new again.

Add your headlight restoration with a lifetime warranty to any of our premium auto tint packages for just $125.00!  Call Tucson Auto Tint at 520-314-9133


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